Summer in Ludwigshafen

Some Students from GERMAN STUDY CENTER during a site visit in the summer. More »

International Students

At GERMAN STUDY CENTER in Ludwigshafen students from all over the world study German. More »

Likeable classes

Rented rooms at the Ludwigshafen college offer a lot of space for our friendly German students. More »


The GERMAN STUDY CENTER offers all participants of the Work & Study programme an job nearby the college where the German courses take place. More »

Intensive Courses

To profit in the best way from your stay in Germany the GERMAN STUDY CENTER offers intensive courses with 25 units per week in order to lecture the german language as good as possible. More »


School is closed, no enrolment possible: Work & Study Program Germany

Our Work & Study Program of GERMAN STUDY CENTER offers an outstanding opportunity for people all around the world to

⇒ learn German,
⇒ work in Germany,
⇒ and live or stay in Germany.

As soon as you enrol for the program we organize your stay, work, flat and German course.


This means: Your work finances your stay, your flat, your German course und your leisure time activities.


What could be better. Your start in a new world in a new country! You decide on your own about your oportunities. You are not dependend on Scholarships, loans, EU programs or anything else.


Take your future into your own hands!

Participation in our program is open to ALL. Students, job seekers, adventurers and language fans.


Your GERMAN STUDY CENTER-Team in Ludwigshafen Germany!